A statue of a winsome lazy old world gnome
peeked at Alex from behind a bright red azalea
in a lovely garden in northwest USA

The Immigrant


When traveling in Germany
After walking for hours
Aunt Nancy put down her backpack
And sat by some flowers.

By chance that same day
Gerome, a cute garden gnome
Had set out to search
For a comfy new home.

He smelled cheese in the backpack
That was his favorite lunch
So he crawled in through the flap
And started to munch.

His stomach just lurched
As the backpack was lifted
His foot was hopelessly trapped
When the block of cheese shifted.

He heard someone say,
"We have to fly home
Let's hurry and catch
Our plane to Koln."

Gerome bounced as they hurried
He could not escape
And that's how he ended up in
Aunt Nancy's yard by mistake.


Nancy Sherer