Author, Western Romance and Intrigue - Sagesong - Naomi Sherer

Farm in Rural Minnesota in 1930s

and life beyond

Photos from archives of Naomi (Hodak) Sherer

Hodak family 1930 at Roy Johnson farm near Webb Lake
Mascot Mink Ranch in Cass County, Minnesota
Rear: June, Mrytle, Emil, James, Michael,
Front: Ruth, Naomi

Emil, Naomi, Mother, Ruth
on farm near Kandiyohi, Minnesota, 1937

Ruth, Mother standing on hay rack, Naomi and Emil seated
Nig and Prince in harness


Emil and Naomi on Prince

Emil and Naomi walked across frozen pond and one mile to rural school
in summer the walk around was much longer (1938)
Kandiyohi farm buildings in background.

Rural school housed eight grades, although not all grades were represented this year
Top row: Solvieg Dalen, Kathryn Balke, Nora Hallberg (teacher), Ingolf Dalen
Second row: Naomi Hodak, Emil Hodak, Alvin Dalen
Front row: Lyla Bratland, Helen Balke, Erling Dalen, Johnny Bratland
NOTE: A high school graduate could continue with a year called Normal Training
and teach in country schools. Nora was such a teacher.
Until rural schools were consolidated they were taught by those teachers.

Myrtle, Emil, Michael, Naomi, Ruth, James (1937)

Standing: June, James, Emil
Front: Michael, Naomi, Ruth, Myrtle (1949)

Siblings: Ruth, Emil, June, Naomi, James (1960)

Ruth holding Shadow, Naomi (1953)

Ronald Sherer, Naomi Sherer (1949)


Tim and Dan set cedar posts in concrete, Naomi looked on (1965)

Naomi and Tim hiked in Ithaca, New York

Naomi overlooking Clear Lake,
the origin of MacKenzie River

Naomi, Michael, Tim on a walk in Oregon's Newberry Crater


Professional photograph for Naomi's 60th birthday

Ashton Sherer and Naomi at Warwick Castle, England, 2003


Naomi in Washington, D.C. for opening of National Museum of American Indians


Naomi admires fountain in courtyard behind the Federal Courthouse, Washington D.C.

Naomi in buckskin explains history of Lewis&Clark in Sacajawea Park,
where they landed at the juncture of the Snake and Columbia rivers in Washington state in 1803

Well laid walk and steps led to Iron Goat Trail, the first railroad to cross at Stevens Pass

Operating a puppet for ARC of Tri-Cities, Naomi appeared
in skits to explain about disabilities such as cerebral palsy.

Instructor of natural science at McNary National Wildlife Refuge, Burbank, Washington state
and Volunteer in McNary Education Center, 311 Lake Road, Burbank, 99323




The Family

Back row: Nellie June, Laurel, Timothy, Jerry Price, Nancy, Thomas, Susie,
Seated: Michael, Mother Naomi, Daniel (Debbie stayed home to care for the dog and cats)
Nellie June and Michael live in Grand Ronde, OR
Timothy and Laurel live in Seattle, WA
Nancy and Jerry live in Bellingham, WA
Thomas and Susie live in Everett, WA
Daniel and Debbie live in Oxnard, CA
Naomi lives in Richland, W