Naomi Hodak Sherer issued
an invitation to

the Ronald Albert Sherer family in Las Vegas, Nevada
on October 18, 2000
to celebrate the 80th birthday
of Maternal Aunt Ruth Hodak

Ruth joined the original Women's Army Auxiliary Corps in 1942
which later became the Women's Army Corps.
She trained in Iowa, Texas, Colorado, and Georgia.
Overseas service included England and France in 1944 and 1945.

Ruth in official uniform in 1944 Ruth in training in motor pool before going overseas
Military photo taken December 13, 1944 Snapshot byColorado barracks and jeep

Ruth moved to Seattle, Washington
and worked for the Fuller Brush Company
for thirty years

Naomi and Ruth chuckle over past excapades Ruth and Naomi remember brother in 1992
Naomi and Ruth 1990 Shadow with Ruth and Naomi in 1992


Naomi is a
Willmar Minnesota High School graduate (1945)
celebrating the 55th reunion September 15, 2000
Attended College of St. Catherine, St Paul, Minnesota, 1948 and 1949
The University of Minnesota, Duluth Branch, 1966
and later courses at Western Washington University, Tri-cities, Washington


We celebrated at Circus Circus on the Las Vegas Strip

for further information
E-mail -

All Sherer's were welcome

And Hodaks, too

As well as any who discovered ties through
Hortons, Chapmans, Rasmussens, Van Radens