with offspring I have yet to meet.


Emily, Tillie, Agnes, Carrie, Clara, Elvina Five Rasmussen women came together in the 1960s. They are Emily, Tillie, Agnes, Carrie, Clara and Elvina, superimposed from an earlier photo because she died fifty years earlier of cancer. Albert, the only son, drowned in the Mississippi at age 24.
Unnamed child photo found among Ethel's letters. Unidentified child from early 1900's by look of the button shoe. The studio folder is marked St. Cloud, Minnesota, Geo F. Coan. Date or identification was not noted among Ethel's letters found after her death.
Clara Rassmuson Smith Clara Rasmussen Smith celebrates her 83rd birthday on February 24, 1965, with her great granddaughter, Lindy Pribhenow
Walter and Mary Schave , Ethel and  Robert Patton Walter Schave, Sr., Mary Sherer Schave, Ethel Sherer Patton, Robert Patton on the Patton's wedding day.
Ethel, Carrie and James T. Sherer with  Mrs and Mr. Patton and Robert

Ethel, Carrie, James T. Sherer

Ella and Frank Patton and Robert

Malvin, Patricia, and Alvin Patton Malvin, Patricia, Alvin Patton, probably around 1947.
Ethel and Robert Patton on one of many trips to lake Superior's north shore Ethel and Robert Patton pose for friends at resort on North Shore of Lake Superior
Ethel and Arvilla share kitchen chores Arvilla Claretta Sherer Wylie looks over Ethel May Sherer Patton's shoulder on October 6, 1986. A walleyed pike fry is serious business.
Mal says, 'Get your own  breakfast.'

"Enough already", says Ethel Patton as she fixed more filets for Number three offspring (by 4 minutes), Malvin Francis Patton, on October 6, 1986. Any limit on walleyes?

Alvin and Robert Patton relax at the lakeside cabin State Representative Al Patton shares a quiet time with Dad, Robert, at the lakeside cabin near Longville, Minnesota.
Grandpa Bob and Debbie Patton Robert Patton shares his front step and a philosophical exchange with granddaughter Debbie
Heavy heavy hangs thy head Robert Patton at home. After all, this is hard work. Beer is heavy.


Molly gets her medicine

Irish Setters get tender loving care.
Ethel cools her feet in a roadside stream Ethel, camping with Ronald and Naomi, enjoys a cooling foot bath in June,1982. Somewhere along the Yakima river on the way to Mount Rainier.