A Story by Wilson Avery Sherer


The idea for this story came from an experience
that happened in Florida.

The story takes place at sea off the coast of Florida on a boat hired for a couple of hours for a sight-seeing trip.

Weather was sunny, temperature 95 degrees, time 3:30 PM, date July 7, 2002. Water was quiet, no waves in sight, no wind. The sun was very bright with some fluffy clouds. The captain of the rental boat anchored three miles out to watch flying fish. The excitement happened while Nancy, Morgan and I were playing cards.

Out of the blue came a couple of dozen gulls attacking the boat. More gulls came and more gulls - trying to get our food. Luckily the food was in a cooler. The gulls started pecking at me. The gulls all landed on the deck and started pecking on the deck. All of a sudden the boat leaked.

The Captain yelled, "Throw the toaster down." The toaster went splashing into the shiny blue water and gurgled to the bottom.

"Where is my toast?" asked the Captain.

"You told us to throw the toaster down," I reminded him.

"There is one thing I'm not doing for sure," said the Captain, "and that's eating salt water toast." At least it will turn to stone.

"Too bad we don't have any fish," squawked a gull, "instead we will eat the cooler."

"Yikes," yelled the Captain, "What about the leak? Put the emergency plug in it."

"We lost the emergency plug."

"Stuff the birds in it."

"No," said the birds.

"But we have to," said the Captain. So I stuffed a gull in the hole.

"Squawk! Squawk," gurgled the bird. And it made the hole bigger.

"We're doomed," yelled the Captain. "Get into the life boat."

I yelled to pack the food.

The birds went after the life boat.

The Captain yelled, "If they peck the life boat, we'll sink to the bottom."

"Throw them some food," said Nancy.

"Thanks," squawked the gulls.

"Bye," whispered Nancy and the Captain zoomed them away.

"They're trying to escape," squawked a gull with its mouth stuffed. The Gulls flew after the life boat.

"Luckily we have a motor," said the Captain and they zoomed to the shore.

"Not so fast," squawked the birds.

"Quick! Into the sand," commanded the Captain. "We'll dig our way to the resort."

"I hope the clams don't pinch us," said Morgan.

Nancy said, "Maybe we could just play cards instead of digging."

"How do you suppose you could get away playing cards?" laughed the gulls.

"You'll see," said Nancy.

"I hope its a trick to make fish," said a fat gull.

"Close your eyes," Nancy ordered.

We all quickly jumped into the sea and got away and dug our way to the resort.

When suddenly the gulls opened their eyes they saw us run into the hotel.

"I see an open window," spied a gull.

The gulls all flew in the open window. Luckily it was not the window in our room and we made our escape safely.


Typed by Naomi Sherer