November 8, 2003

Naomi Haller married Bryan Cardinal
in a beautiful setting at the Shilo Inn, Richland, Washington.

On Dad's arm
Michael proudly escorts daughter,
Naomi, into the ballroom

Father holds daughter back for a moment before presentation

Bride and Groom in the garden

The wedding party pose for formal photos

The lovely cake is violated as the final act of the ceremony

Naomi's friend decorated the cake in the morning
on the very table -- too fragile to be moved

Katlin Cardinal and Morgan Sherer
capture balloons after the main attraction

We had a "ringside" table

All reach to catch the bouquet

Naomi Cardinal signs the official records

Uncles, aunts and Grandma Naomi
witness the signing

Katlin Cardinal speaks to her new Grandmother, June Sell-Sherer

Bryan, Naomi, Rosalee and Vernon Cardinal

Bryan's mother, Rosalee, in white, has her mother, Rose, on her left
Katlin and cousin are on her right
Aunts came from as far as Texas for the occasion

Grandmothers, Naomi Sherer, Emma Sell, and Rose
pose with Naomi and Bryan Cardinal

Andes Archibald was the flower girl

On the Sherer Side

Michael, Mother Naomi, Thomas

Jerry Price, Morgan Sherer, Nancy

Susan, Thomas, Morgan, Avery

Timothy, Michael, Nancy

Daniel was at home in Thousand Oaks with wife, Debra,
and children, Alex and Ashton

Naomi Sherer

Photos by Nancy and June

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