Tales and Recollections

Each of us remembers experiences and stories from our lives. Many are as clear as the day they happened while others have grown dimmer with time and re-telling. Here are some of our tales. We hope you'll enjoy them and perhaps even consider sharing some of your own.

Ice fishing or fishing for ice?

Nancy's yard work pays off planning, sweat, and energy

Grandson enjoys nature Alex on vacation

When Grandma was a pup - recycling an unknown concept

Attack of the Gulls told by seven-year-old Avery

Mayday History Ancient celebrations researched for fun

Service Record A recalled story changes perceptions by Daniel Sherer

My brother and I. A poem by Naomi Sherer

From Across The Ocean. A recollection told to Naomi Hodak Sherer

Topiary A poem by Nancy Sherer after working in her garden

A Bridle In The Stable An observation by Nancy Sherer

An Immigrant A fanciful tale by Nancy Sherer

An Inspiration Illustrations come with great details by Wilson Avery Sherer

A Flourish Carefree Expressions in Favorite Colors by Morgan Sherer

A Flashback Tripping back to the early forties with Naomi